As the impending release of the Xbox Series X and PS5 draw closer, analysts have already offered a forecast on which next-generation console will outsell the others. So far, the majority of gaming pundits have pegged Sony as the upcoming victor. However, there have been talks circulating about how the new PlayStation is struggling with performance – particularly with native 4K output. Developers quickly urged consumers not to believe the aforementioned rumours. As for Microsoft, it seems to have finally confirmed what many have speculated early in 2020.

Back in May, the company was already publicly criticised by its fans when it failed to share any actual gameplay footage during its Inside Xbox presentation. The following month, Sony broke out their surprise PS5 reveal, which was quickly lauded by the gaming industry for its lineup of exclusives. Although the Xbox Series X was the more powerful machine on paper, its next major showcase prompted people to question Microsoft's plans for the future.

An article published by Forbes highlights a recent interview with Xbox head Phil Spencer. He was featured as a special guest in Garry Whitta's "Animal Talking" talk show which, as the name hints at, is about "Animal Crossing." Aside from the discussion about the surprise delay of "Halo Infinite," the topic moved on to the highly anticipated competition between the Xbox Series X and PS5.

"It is a fundamental difference than the traditional console wars. How many consoles do I sell versus how many consoles does another company sell: Sony or Nintendo other companies company back in the day," he stated. "And that's just not our approach. if that was our approach, we wouldn't put our games on PC, we wouldn't put our games on Xbox One, we wouldn't do xCloud and allow people to play games on their phones."

PlayStation Xbox E3
A stand-off between the PlayStation and Xbox stands at E3 2016. Getty Images

Earlier in 2020, Spencer specifically noted that Microsoft no longer sees Sony as its rival in the upcoming next-generation market. Instead, he hinted that cloud gaming services from Google and Amazon are the biggest roadblocks for its own service. After a lengthy multi-platform beta period which ended early for iOS due to some controversial reasons, it is ready to launch alongside Xbox Game Pass Ultimate next month.