Following the debut of the Xbox Series X, the gaming industry praised Microsoft for its proposed approach. The company assured its fans and critics that it has learned from its mistakes and was ready to beat Sony when it comes to performance, power and pricing. While the latter is yet to be announced, the new console is surprisingly more powerful than the PS5 on paper. After finally confirming a November release window, a new leak might have confirmed the exact date.

Based on a tip submitted by a source to Tom Warren, Senior Editor of The Verge, the game system will launch a little over three weeks from now. Looking at an image of what is supposedly a box containing Xbox Series X controllers, a warning label reads: "Do not sell or display before November 6, 2020."

There have been reports wherein some people who were able to purchase said controllers attempted to register the items on Microsoft's support site. Upon completion, the warranty expiry date that populates on-screen shows Nov. 5, 2021, which roughly translates to a year from the supposed leaked retail date.

Normally, accessories such as controllers that are purchased separately from consoles are provided with a 90-day warranty. However, the one-year specified above could designate that the inventory system associates the item with the Xbox Series X SKU. So far, both Sony and Microsoft have not communicated a specific date as to when their respective consoles will ship.

Earlier this week, a somewhat related leak was posted on social media wherein the packaging of the new Xbox controllers shows a colour called Robot White. Perhaps the most interesting detail pointed out by gamers was the product description that lists the platforms it is compatible with.

Xbox Gameplay Showcase 2020
Xbox Series X Microsoft/Official

Among the devices and operating systems indicated was Xbox Series S. Many suspect that this might be the rumoured less-powerful next-generation console previously called Project Lockhart. The Xbox Series X, on the other hand, was referred to internally by the developers as Project Scorpio. Microsoft is speculated to hold another presentation soon which will hopefully reveal the pricing as well as the Xbox product lineup for 2020.