Microsoft recently found itself in the headlines along with Facebook as the two companies called out Apple's alleged unfair App Store regulations. Both have pointed out restrictions being imposed on cloud gaming software such as Project xCloud and the social network's library of titles. Now, it appears the Redmond-based firm has once again attracted publicity for two reasons. First, is the launch date for the Xbox Series X followed by an update regarding the release date of "Halo Infinite."

Much like the debut of its next-generation console, which was unveiled at The Game Awards in 2019 ahead of Sony's PS5, the manufacturer confirmed the official retail schedule. Although it did not specify the exact date, consumers can expect the Xbox Series X to be available in November. However, it seems fans of the popular first-person shooter franchise will need to wait longer before they can play the latest installment.

"Today, we announced updates to 'Halo Infinite's' launch timing. Our vision at Xbox and 343 Industries has always been to deliver the most ambitious 'Halo' game ever for our fans, while also balancing the team's well-being," according to a statement posted on Xbox Wire. "To do that, we will need some more time to finish the critical work necessary to launch 'Halo Infinite,' which will come in 2021."

"Halo Infinite" was originally announced as a launch title for the Xbox Series X, which will be cross-generation compatible with the Xbox One, Xbox One X, and Windows 10 PCs. Microsoft has been the subject of criticism of late due to some slip-ups in several of its promotional campaigns for the new game system.

Its trailers have been generally panned by journalists and gamers alike for failing to show any actual gameplay segments. Unfortunately, when it finally featured a short segment of "Halo Infinite" last month, the graphics were immediately called into question.

Microsoft teasing something big for 'Halo Infinite'
With only one installment from the genre-defining franchise released for the current-generation systems, gamers evidently demanded more. Photo: Microsoft

For all the lofty claims of the Xbox Series X as a powerful machine, the visuals of "Halo Infinite" failed to meet the expectations of eager players. For a game that would have showcased the technical prowess of the console, its quality was apparently not up to par with the next-generation hardware. It seems exactly as analysts previously predicted, Sony might yet again end up on top.