Xiaomi Mi 4i
Xiaomi has released a new software update for Mi 4i  MIUI

Xiaomi has released an update for its newly launched budget smartphone the Mi 4i.

The new update seems to fix the widely criticised overheating issue and brings some performance enhancements. Technology Personalized is reported to have tested the update on at least two Mi 4i devices and confirms that the update does add the aforementioned changes.

The overheating issue has affected a number of users, as confirmed by MIUI forum members. Additionally, consumers who purchased the handset from Indian online e-tailer Flipkart are experiencing the issue.

"Yes indeed it does heat up, hopefully it will be resolved in the coming updates.

"If you can't wait then the best idea would be to under clock the CPU, as overheating is a common issue among Snapdragon 615 series be it Gen 1 or Gen 2, they all are same," notes a user by the name ybr101.

But the new update that comes along with MIUI ROM v6.5.4.0.LXIMICD, squashes those bugs and improves the performance of the device. Following is the official changelog for the MIUI ROM v6.5.4.0.LXIMICD.


Optimisation - Optimised device temperature controlling parameters (05-14) Fix - Poor speaker quality when audio volume is low (05-12) Fix - Some earphone types were recognised incorrectly (05-12)


Fix - Sometimes, calls could not be made when there was only one SIM card inserted (05-11)

Home screen

Fix - Apps' names and images did not match when they were displayed in card mode in Recent page (05-11)


Optimisation - Unified animations when switching between front and rear cameras using gesture and icon (05-12)

Optimisation - Optimised exposure time icon (05-12)

Fix - Select/cancel icons and flash/HDR/switch cameras icons displayed simultaneously after third party apps used camera to take videos (05-12)

Fix - Shutter speed was incorrect (05-12)

Go to Updater app and check for the availability of the latest firmware in your region. The download link is also available for the update using which you can manually update your device. Just go to Updater>> Choose Update Package>> go to OTA Zip.

Download link: MIUI ROM v6.5.4.0.LXIMICD