Huawei's next flagship mobile phone launched last week. Flaunting an impressive spec sheet, it seemed ready to make a big impact upon release. Unfortunately, the U.S. trade ban was still in place and resulted in Google services being blocked until further notice.

Western markets are reportedly disappointed with the limited functionality and thus set its sights on another premium flagship device. The official unveiling of the Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha on Tuesday finally confirms general speculation about its unique features.

Prior to its reveal, rumours hinted of a display that wraps around the body of the device. While every other smartphone manufacturers are busy working on foldable models, Xiaomi is forging a new path. Upon closer inspection, it's clear that almost the entire surface of the handset is a display. The only exception includes the top, bottom, and small strip on the back that houses a triple-camera system.

The Mi Mix Alpha is still regarded as a concept model, but the production version might not be very different. As it stands right now, foldable smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy Fold come with a hefty price tag. Nevertheless, the technology is still in its early stages with room for improvement.

Likewise, the Alpha does not come cheap. Ars Technica reports an estimated cost of $2,810 (over 2253 pounds) when it goes up for sale in December. Given the upscale price, sources point out that the frame is crafted out of TC4 titanium alloy for lightweight durability.

Additionally, the strip that hosts the imaging sensors is fashioned of ceramic. Certain versions of the older Mi Mix series also used ceramics at one point, but this appears to be the first model to use titanium.

Never get tired looking at this one. #MiMIXAlpha just landed.

— Xiaomi #MiMIXAlpha (@Xiaomi) September 24, 2019

Xiaomi already has a name for the stunning wraparound screen. It's aptly calling it the Surround display – a 7.92-inch 2088 x 2250-resolution flexible Super AMOLED touchscreen. The handset is equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ with 12 GB of RAM and a 512 GB internal storage. Due to the configuration of the display, there are no front-facing cameras. Instead, selfies are handled by the main cameras with the rear section of the screen acting as a viewfinder. Finally, the Mi Mix Alpha depends on a 4,050 mAh lithium-ion battery.

Xiaomi Mi Mix
To be sold only in China for now, the Mi Mix has a ceramic body with 18K gold details on the back Xiaomi