Xiaomi Rumoured to Launch Ultra-Affordable Smartphone Priced at $65, 42 Pounds, Rs 4013
Xiaomi's affordable Redmi 1S smartphone. Xiaomi

China based Xiaomi, known for its 'affordable' mid-range as well as high-end devices, will now reportedly launch an ultra-affordable smartphone that is expected to have a price tag of $65 (£24, £42, Rs 4,013 and 399 Yuan).

According to a GizChina report, the yet to be made official Xiaomi handset will have a pricing of 399 Yuan (that roughly translates to $65, Rs 4013 and £42).

The smartphone can also be expected to feature 4G-LTE support, and incorporate a 720p display, according to the GizChina report.

This device, once released, should be the most affordable smartphone among the current lot of Xiaomi devices.

Xiaomi's supposed $65 smartphone will run processors made by the relatively unknown chipset maker Leadcore, and is expected to incorporate the Leadcore LC1860 SoC.

The Leadcore LC1860 SoC follows the 28nm Cortex A7 architecture that consists of an exclusive Cortex A7 CPU clocked at 2GHz, along with a Mali T268 GPU

A 1GB DDR3 RAM also resides within the SoC.

Other technical aspects are not official at this point in time, but going by GizChina's report, the Xiaomi smartphone is expected to run Android 4.4.4 KitKat operating platform out of the box with the MIUI interface.

The USP of this smartphone (once the device is official), should be its ultra-low price tag, and this aspect should attract eyeballs in countries like India where the low-cost Xiaomi Redmi 1S (priced at Rs 5,999, £60 and $100) is embraced with open arms by buyers.