Dragon V2
The second version of the Dragon, the Crew Dragon, is intended to carry astronauts SpaceX/wikimedia

Come along for a test flight of the SpaceX capsule the Crew Dragon — but keep your anti-queasy pills close at hand.

Elon Musk's rocket company just released this video from the catbird's seat of the unmanned capsule during a run early this month.

The Dragon V2 or "Crew Dragon", designed to carry astronauts, blasted off from its Florida launchpad, separated from its trunk and reached a maximum velocity of 345 mph, according to SpaceX. It flew about 5,000 feet into the air before splashing down in the Atlantic Ocean under its parachutes.

"It was a great, great outcome," Musk said. "Had there been people on board, they would have been in great shape."

The test was designed to help engineers gather more information about the effectiveness of the capsule's abort system, which would propel astronauts away from a failing rocket in the event of an accident or other major malfunction during flight, reports Mashable.

SpaceX's Crew Dragon could start flying astronauts to the International Space Station for NASA as soon as 2017. NASA is hoping to buy rides for astronauts aboard commercial ships like the Dragon so it doesn't have to rely on Russian vehicles to get people to the ISS.