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Controversy finds its way to Amir Khan in I'm a Celebrity ITV

Love him or hate him, but you simply cannot ignore Amir Khan in the show I'm A Celebrity. His antics in each episode of iTV's jungle reality show triggered widespread reactions from viewers. After lying about his fear of snakes and displaying his lack of awareness about the women leaders of the UK, he has created another controversy by stealing food from his starving teammates.

During the latest episode of the British reality show, the 30-year-old boxer and Iain Lee won the Dingo Dollar Challenge. Their hardship was rewarded with the newly-returned Kiosk Keith and the duo was given a choice to pick between gold coins and strawberries and cream. They went for the latter and on their way to the camp, the hunger devil struck.

The boxer, who wore an over-sized cat costume during the task, incited Lee to eat the strawberries, following which they sat gorging on the fruit, leaving their starving camp mates waiting. To add to their miseries, the duo won the immunity. However, the guilt of eating away their reward all by themselves prompted Lee to confess.

But an adamant Amir had no plans of confessing, instead he asked his teammate to take all the blame upon himself. "I ain't going to tell them. If you're going to tell them, you're taking all the blame...if you mention my name, you are dead," Amir was seen telling Lee.

Amir's lying did not go down well with the show's fans, who were reminded of the boxer's candid conversation with Georgia Toffolo where he claimed that he is a very honest person.

"I am a very honest person. I don't need to lie. If you like it... you like it. If you don't like it, then so be it," he had said on ITV2's Extra Camp.

No doubt fans were outraged by the boxer's attitude and took it to Twitter to slam him for his dishonesty. "I'm the most honest person, I don't need to lie. Something tells me that's a lie!!! You lying, cheating, strawberry stealer you," an angry viewer reacted.

"I'm sorry, but did Amir just say he was a really honest person? Strawberry snake," added another. "Amir khan, hang your head in shame for lying about who instigated strawberry-gate," said a third one. "Amir Khan thinks crying is a weakness yet can't even own up to eating a strawberry," another show fan wrote.

But there was another section of viewers who described Khan as "TV gold" who keeps viewers engaged with his hilarious antics. "Sorry, but people are hurting their bonds over Amir Khan. Strawberry-gate was hilarious! People are far too serious! Wasn't a fan of the guy after the way he treated his wife but he's TV gold," a fan of the British boxer wrote. "He is a national treasure I don't care about the strawberries," said another.