Instagram model Jen Selter has taken to social media to share videos of the moment she was kicked off an American Airlines flight after getting into a heated argument with the airplane crew.

While the videos did not document the entire incident, it showed parts of a conversation involving the 24-year-old fitness model, her sister, a flight attendant and the pilot.

After what appeared to be a row over remaining seated, the crew member is heard telling the model about removing her from the flight.

As the argument ensued, a co-passenger — whose face is not visible in the clips — even piped in, yelling "you are harassing her", while the model is confronted by the official.

Selter, who boasts an 11 million plus Instagram followership, was on a delayed flight from Miami to New York on Saturday (27 January) when the row took place.

According to reports, the model, who later travelled with American Airlines on Sunday, was removed from the airplane along with her sister and another fellow passenger. She has since posted several clips on her official Twitter account, documenting moments of her unpleasant experience.

"I did nothing wrong but got kicked off the plane," wrote the fitness fanatic alongside a video on social media. As it turns out, the argument ensued after Selter left her seat to reach out for the overhead compartment when another passenger had gone to the bathroom.

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On being asked to sit down by the flight attendant, the model got involved in a heated exchange. She apparently said "yes" when the crew member asked her if she wants to get off the plane.

But later on, she asserted that she "was being sarcastic".

"The crew's asking for you guys to be removed," the model was told following the spat over taking her seat.

In a second video, which Selter captioned as the "Worst experience American Air", cops had arrived at the scene and were seen telling the model: "American Airlines calls the shots, they don't want you to fly on their plane today."

Speaking about her ordeal, the social media personality said, "I will never ever fly American Airlines again. I've seen cops come onto flights. But they shouldn't kick people of unless something is actually dangerous," reported Page Six.

Responding to the allegations, airlines authorities claimed that the model was offered accommodation and transportation but she declined.