YouTuber turned professional boxer Jake Paul punched YouTuber Preston Lopez so hard that the latter ended up soiling himself. The incident did not take place in a boxing match, but was instead the result of a wager between the two.

The two social media stars agreed to bet against each other over an American football match between TCU and Georgia. Paul chose to bet on Georgia, while Lopez backed TCU. Instead of betting money, Lopez said that he would take a punch from Jake Paul if he loses the bet, and that he did.

Georgia defeated TCU by huge margin, 65–7, and Lopez soon came to regret making the bet against Paul, who has been training in Puerto Rico for his next match.

Lopez was a man of his word and flew to the training camp to face his fate. It is unclear if they agreed upon where Lopez should take the hit, but the pair shared videos showing Paul landing a right handed punch into his midsection.

As soon as Paul's fist made contact, Lopez collapsed to the floor and said: "Oh yeah, I pooped a little bit."

It total disbelief, Paul asked: "Did you actually s*** yourself?"

It was a hilarious moment especially when Lopez said: "It feels a little wet."

Paul has often courted controversy for clashing with fellow YouTubers and fighters online. However, this time, he admitted that he likes Lopez. "This kid is out of his mind, bro, but I respect it, he showed up and took it."

Paul has since jetted of to Dubai where he has set up camp to prepare for his highly-anticipated bout against Tommy Fury on February 26 in Saudi Arabia.

The fight has been postponed a number of times, and the tension between the two has reached a fever pitch after Paul previously accused Fury of avoiding him. It appears as though the fight will finally happen, and it is expected to draw in a big audience and pay-per-view revenue.

Jake Paul
Jake Paul celebrates with his brother, Logan, after defeating AnEsonGib Getty Images | Michael Reaves