His sister Zoella is usually the one to break records but Joe Sugg and fellow YouTube vlogger Caspar Lee are stealing the spotlight. The dynamic duo are set to appear in their own movie, Hit The Road, and it has caused quite the buzz on Amazon.

The feature-length film will follow both Sugg, 23, and Lee, 21, as they travel around Europe in a VW campervan and a very small budget. In the 24 hours following the announcement, Amazon UK have recorded the highest number of pre-orders for a title in its first day. Perhaps the surge can be credited to a promotional campaign which encouraged fans to pre-order the DVD, to be released by BBC Worldwide, in exchange for a wristband and their names being included in the credits.

The DVD has also proved to be a hit on iTunes where it topped the pre-order charts in just a day. Reacting to the news, Sugg said: "The reaction has been amazing, our fans' support is everything," while Lee added: "Hit the Road wouldn't have been possible without our fans' support, we are two very lucky guys."

Watch Joe Sugg and Caspar Lee's Hit The Road movie announcement:

Sugg and Lee, who share a flat together in London, have forged successful individual careers on YouTube and have amassed more than 10 million subscribers to their channels combined. Both vloggers are signed to talent management company Gleam, founded by Dominic Smales, who said of the movie: "I am absolutely delighted to see Joe and Caspar taking this significant step forward in their careers and we are so pleased to be partnering with BBC Worldwide to make it happen. This is a significant stake in the ground for the evolution of content in this space."

Amongst their millions of fans, Sugg's vlogger sister Zoella expressed her support for the project, tweeting: "SO EXCITED FOR "JOE & CASPAR HIT THE ROAD". I pre-ordered the DVD so my name will be in the credits! @Joe_Sugg @Caspar_Lee #PROJECTJASPAR."

Hit The Road, which is being filmed by Top Gear's respected director and executive producer Brian Klein and Paul Hembury, will see Sugg and Lee attempt to earn money each day by securing jobs in Venice and Barcelona, to name just a couple of locations they will visit. The DVD is scheduled for official release on 23 November.