Game Of Thrones has cast Danish actor Pilou Asbæk as Euron Greyjoy ahead of season six, Variety has confirmed. The HBO show's sixth series is set to start in April 2016 and has already started filming in Ireland but for the first time, fans no longer have the books to give them some indication as to what might happen in the next instalment – as author George R.R Martin hasn't even written it yet!

Within the novels, Greyjoy is Theon's (Alfie Allen) uncle and goes by the name of Crow's Eye. He is a skilled warrior and the ruthless Captain of the Silence, a ship manned by mutes who have been made that way because Greyjoy cut their tongues out. He is known to be a volatile and violent man, well practised in playing vicious mind games with those around him to get what he wants. For this, he is said to be despised by his brothers, so his introduction in the series is bound to spark some interesting storylines within the show.

This recent casting isn't the only announcement linked to the fictional family of the Greyjoys that has been released this week, either. According to Vanity Fair Hollywood, Theon's father, Balon Greyjoy (who has been seen in the show numerous times) will be killed off. Something that may not be too surprising to those who have read the books, however, considering he died in the third novel by falling off of a broken bridge and drowning. It hasn't been revealed as to how Balon will meet his maker within the show, but now that we know that his cunning younger brother Greyjoy will be making his appearance into this season, could he have something to do with it?

Asbæk has recently starred in historical drama The Borgias and fantasy war series 1864. He will next be seen in the remake of Ben Hur next year, opposite Rodrigo Santoro, Nazanin Boniadi and Jack Huston.

Other newcomers to the wildly popular fantasy series include Deadwood's Ian McShane, who is coming aboard in an unspecified role. However, online speculation has suggested that he could be portraying Randyll Tarly, father of Samwell, after a source told Entertainment Weekly that his character will be of "key importance" last month. The Exorcist's Max von Sydow will also star as Bran Stark's mentor, the Three-Eyed Raven which alludes to warg Bran having a significant role in the upcoming season.