Jamie and Logan try to find their way back to civilisation CBS

Episode 2 of Zoo season 2 will see Jackson and his team struggle to finding a cure for the dramatic mutation among animals (and now humans) that has the whole civilized world off-balance. The mutation has reached its second stage and animals around the world are working with each other to attack humans with the final plan of eradicating them from Earth.

In the previous episode titled, Collision Point that aired on 5 July, Jamie was still trying to find her way to Caraquet along with her new companion Logan, who first tells her that he is a pilot and his plane was attacked which led him to crash land it. But she later finds a series of photos in his bag of herself. She also discovers a gun in his bag. She tries to escape, but he soon comes clean and tells her that he was sent for the leopard and not her. Meanwhile, they notice that despite following the river they are lost. They soon realise that the river may have changed course and it could be the work of beavers.

On the plane, Jackson, Chloe, and Dr Mitch have a video call with Elanor who warns them not to go to the headquarters because she is not sure about General Davies's (Peter Outerbridge) motives.

While they make their way to Washington, Elanor gets attacked by an army of ants that enter her body and manage to electrocute her from the inside out. The team later finds out that similar cases are being reported in Geneva.

They first make their way to the headquarters where they meet Davies who warns them to give up their unsuccessful search for a cure and let the Noah Objective – the plan to eradicate the world of all animals and then repopulate them with non-mutated species – go ahead. At the time, Dariela is trying to make her way to the rest of her squadron but is informed at the station that they cannot send her back. That is when she notices General Davies following Lt Reid and later interrogating him about Elanor's laptop and data. Not believing that Reid doesn't have it, he shoots him dead and searches through his bags. The laptop and files are with Chloe at the time.

What they find on the laptop is horrifying – it shows the staggering number of animals and humans that will be killed as part of the Noah Objective.

Elanor gets electrocuted by a swarm of ants CBS

Further, before Dariela can follow the general, there is an explosion of sorts at the station. Once again, the ants have managed to electrocute people on train stations using a transformer.

Connecting the cases in Washington with those that happened in Geneva, the team decides to visit Switzerland to understand the new phenomenon. Once there, they realise that the city has a Large Particle Accelerator, one that could generate enough electricity to kill civilians on a large scale.

They attempt to outrun the ants and switch the machine to over-ride and this is when the Mitch realises that something is going on with Jackson. While the ants crawl all over the others, their make ample room for Jackson, as if they recognise him as one of their own.

The team manages to switch on the over-ride but not before Dariela accidentally swallows an ant that is now attacking her insides. Back in the Canadian forests, Jamie makes Logan chop off her toe which gets infected with gangrene.

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