The 100 season 3
Clarke Griffin (L) and Bellamy Blake in The 100 season 3 TheCW

Even as The 100 fans are anxiously awaiting its season 3 premiere, executive producer Jason Rothenberg has already spoken of concluding the series. The post-apocalyptic show returns with new episodes on 21 January on The CW.

Rothenberg revealed that he has mapped out an "end story" for all the show's lead characters. At the Television Critics Association's press tour, the executive producer said, "I know where I want the show to end. I know what I want the final story to be, and where I want these people to end up at the end. I don't know how long that's going to take. I'm not going to say I want to do the show for as long as I can do it. I want do the show for as long as it's interesting to me and where we're creatively not repeating ourselves."

He explained that his idea of wrapping up the show could be implemented whenever the network demanded it. "Good lord willing, we get to season 4, we have a good idea of what we want that story to be. And by the way, if [The CW] said, 'This is it, wrap it up,' we could make my idea for the wrap-up happen in season 4. Or five. Or eight."

The CW had postponed the show's third season scheduled to be aired in September to January, which raised questions about the show being cancelled. However, the network's entertainment president Mark Pedowitz noted that he delayed the third season to midseason so the first two seasons could get some viewership on Netflix. During The 100 TCA session, he said, "I just was told before I got onstage, [The 100 is doing] very, very well in terms of bringing for Seasons 1 and 2."

The 100 season 3 picks up three months after the massacre at Mount Weather in the season 2 finale. Lead character Clarke Griffin will be hunted by all, and Bellamy Blake will journey deep into Grounder territory to save her in the premiere episode.