Three dogs kept inside a pen in a parked van for around four hours were rescued by a woman who managed to open the doors and give them water.

Temperatures on the Bank Holiday were around 20 degrees Celsius across large parts of southern England. Inside the van, it would have been much hotter for the animals to bear.

The dogs were seen covered with blankets and cushions while their owner was at the Newlyn Fish Festival, Cornwall. The owner is facing possible animal cruelty charges.

Fortunately for the dogs, a woman who noticed them got into the van and let the dogs free before they were given water.

"Afraid to say our day at Newlyn Fish Festival finished on a low yet again, an irresponsible woman left these three dogs in their van from 11am and they still hadn't returned at 3.30," Pams Paws, a local pets group, wrote on Facebook.

"Thanks to a lovely lady, managed to open the doors and give them water – they were all three in a cage covered with a blanket then cushions all around the cages.

"If she hadn't intervened they most probably wouldn't have made it.

"I spoke to the policeman and he said they needed to come out of the van so I went and got them out of the cages and we walked them into the festival to where we eventually found the owner."

A few days ago, a video of a Toronto woman biting and hitting her dog on a train had gone viral.

Passengers on the train looked in shock as the woman repeatedly hit the dog causing it to yelp. When the frightened animal tried to escape, she pulled it back saying 'stop it now you hear me' while hitting it more.