Rockstar Games is seemingly gearing up to reveal the latest in its Red Dead series of westerns, following a simple teaser image that sent the internet into meltdown. The game will be the follow-up to 2010's Red Dead Redemption.

Said image, sent on Sunday 16 October, didn't reveal a name for the new Red Dead, and if the series is to continue its naming convention (Red Dead Redemption was preceded by 2004's Red Dead Revolver) then there plenty of options for Rockstar Games to consider.

Here are 30.

Red Dead Revenge

A tale of revenge set in the dying days of the West. Pretty standard.

Red Dead Revolution

Set in the years following the American Revolutionary War.

Red Dead Resurrection

John Marston is brought back to life by voodoo or something.

Red Dead Receding

John Marston is brought back to life by voodoo or something but his hair could not be saved.

Red Dead Reanimation

Dead John Marston is reanimated. He's now undead and questioning what it truly means to be alive.

Red Dead Reach

The Red Dead/Halo crossover we've always wanted.

Red Dead Regression

Red Dead ditches an open world for a return to the more linear style of Red Dead Revolver.

Red Dead Revengeance

Rockstar reveals it isn't actually developing the next Red Dead so it can continue to focus on GTA Online for three more years. Instead Platinum are taking the reins.


With caps, because... REVENGEANCE.

Red Dead Reinstallation

John Marston's great-great-great grandson accidentally deletes his operating system. Embarks on a journey to PC World.

Red Dead Remembrance

Poppy Selling Simulator 2017.

Red Dead Reads

Rockstar Games is celebrated for a new take on remasters in which players are just told what happened in older games in the style of Jackanory. In Red Dead Reads, John Marston's son Jack is an old man regaling players with the story of his father.

Red Dead Regales

What Rockstar calls Red Dead Reads everywhere apart from the US.

Red Dead Relocation, Relocation

Players go hut-viewing in the old west with Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer (the other one).

Red Dead Realtor

Players kill Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer (the other one) and take their place as the Old West's premier estate agent.

Red Dead Reassessment

A 60-hour argument over whether the Mexico portion of Red Dead Redemption was good, bad or just okay.

Red Dead Reaping

Rockstar branches out into the farming simulator genre.

Red Dead Renaissance

John Marston's other son, Gerald, attempts to bring his love of the Renaissance to the people of Armadillo. Hilarity ensues.

Red Dead Reboot

Two games is plenty, time to start afresh.

Red Dead Reassurance

Red Dead 3 is actually a prolonged teaser for Bully 2, which is definitely, actually happening.

Red Dead Retinas

Running out of steam here.

Red Dead Refrigerated

A western set in Alaska.

Red Dead Referee

Wide-eyed Premier League referee Michael Oliver is sent back in time by a future wizard and finds himself in the Old West without his friends, family, career or whistle.

Red Dead Referendum

Players must choose between sides of a political debate. Everything ends up on fire.

Red Dead Regain

Sequel to Red Dead Receding.

Red Dead Remainer

Players are cast as a character who is finding themselves increasingly alienated by the country they were brought up in.

Red Dead Renamed

Pick your own damn name for this, there are only so many words that being with "Re-".

Red Dead Regicide

The King of Europe must be stopped at all costs.

Red Dead Regulations

An experimental title in which after a lavish, big budget opening, the game suddenly ends when the player is arrested for not owning a gun or horse license.

Red Dead Rehash

The story of a former outlaw trying to atone for the sins of his past and return to the family he holds so dear.

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