Neglected rabbits found in Danish apartment
Two of the neglected rabbits, which were found with 44 others in a Danish one-room apartment. Dyrenes Beskyttelse

Forty-six rabbits were found dangerously cramped, with many of them biting each other or with life-threatening injuries, in one small Danish apartment. The five youngest rabbits, and one adult, had to be put down once they were rescued by animal welfare officers as they were in such a bad state.

Dyrenes Beskyttelse, a Danish animal protection agency, was made aware of the rabbit-filled one-room apartment in North Zealand by a tip-off made to an animal welfare phone number. Upon investigating on 16 November, they found 46 rabbits in total, 31 of whom were kittens. Some were less than a week old, while some of the adult females were pregnant. The animals were not deemed suitable for living together.

The bunnies were taken away for veterinary treatment in Rokskilde, which had to take place immediately as some of their injuries were so bad. The five youngest rabbits had to be killed as they were dehydrated and had inflamed eyes, among other issues.

Henrik Bucholdtz, animal protection director of Dyrenes Beskyttelse, said: "An unusually high number of rabbits are involved. This is a serious case in which the rabbits' needs were far from being met. Many of the rabbits have been unwell for some time, and some had been savaged."

Dyrenes Beskyttelse described it as a major animal welfare case, and staff and volunteers are now working to rehome the surviving rabbits. Many of the bunnies were taken to initial foster families on Sunday (19 November).

Neglected rabbits found in Danish apartment
Staff and volunteers are working to rehome the surviving rabbits of the 46 who were rescued. Dyrenes Beskyttelse