TaiG V2.3.0 untether jailbreak
TaiG releases untether jailbreak V2.3.0. TaiG

Here is some good news for jailbreak community. The public versions of popular jailbreak tweaks Activator and Flipswitch are now available, and are compatible with iOS 8.4.

There are several jailbreak tweaks in Cydia depends on both Activator and Flipswich to function properly. Created by renowned jailbreak tweak developer, Ryan Petrich, the latest version of Activator is 1.9.4, whereas Flipswitch is 1.0.7.

Activator 1.9.4 changelog (4 July)

  • Supports iOS 8.4
  • Protect access to Activator APIs with a prompt dialog
  • Fix Action Banner on iOS 8.2+
  • Add ability to display alert actions as a banner
  • Alow modifying menus right from the action section page
  • Show icons in menus on iOS 8.4
  • Add preview option to menu cutomisation
  • Fix profile actions no longer working since 1.9.3

Flipswitch v1.0.7 changelog (4 July)

  • Supports iOS 8.4

To find the updated versions of both tweaks, just open Changes tab in Cydia and tap the Refresh button. If you were running the beta version of the tweaks, then the new versions will show up as upgrade in Changes tab.

The previous version of Activator caused the Springboard to crash and boot into safe mode in iOS 8.4. Although, there was an workaround available to deal this issue by installing the Activator 1.9.4 beta 1.

Source: iDownloadblog