A man from Kosovo with a striking resemblance to Adolf Hitler claims that he is the reincarnation of the former German dictator.

Emin Djinovci believes that he was the Nazi leader in his previous life and charges £60 ($95) for each tourist to take a picture with him, Scallywag and Vagabond reported.

Djinovci earns a living as a Hitler look-a-like and to complete his image has dyed his hair black and brushed it over one side.

Adolf Hitler Reborn in Kosovo? Hitler lookalike claims he is the reincarnation of the Nazi leader
Emin Djinovci claims that he was the Nazi leader Adolf Hitler in his past life. Everything-about-world/Tumblr

A resident of the town of Mitrovica, Djinovci is proud of his looks as he shows off his toothbrush moustache, a signature style of the infamous German leader who ordered the deaths of millions of Jews during the Holocaust.

"I am proud of my likeness to the Fuhrer because, like him, I fought against the Serbs – my enemies," the 49-year-old told Serbia Report.

"It is easy. I find myself in Hitler's character because he fought against my enemy. Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Yes, Serbs are my enemies."

According to the website Djinovci, who carries a copy of Mein Kampf with him, has five daughters whom he calls "Hitler's children".

Djinovci originates from Germany, but shifted to Kosovo in 1998 during the conflict.

The news has gone viral on social media. Below are some Twitter reactions.