Rapper Afroman, real name Joseph Edgar Foreman, 40, has been arrested as video emerged of him punching a woman to the floor while performing on stage at a concert on 17 February.

The singer famous for his hit single, Because I Got High, was filmed swinging around to land a blow on a young woman at a concert in Mississippi.

She was dancing on stage near to him when it happened and was left in tears by the punch, according to reports.

Video shot by fans at the gig captured the shocking moment.

In the aftermath, Foreman's representative came up with an unusual reason for his lashing out, claiming it was an "involuntary reflex action."

A spokesman for the musician claimed he had been shocked by her presence on stage and criticised an apparent lack of security at the venue.

Foreman was placed under a citizen's arrest and later placed on bail by police, reported the Sun Hearld.