Google Pixel Fold
A new Pixel device condenamed Comet has been spotted just months after the arrival of the Pixel Fold. Wikimedia Commons

Google is reportedly working on a new foldable phone codenamed Comet. There is a possibility this device could turn out to be the Pixel Fold 2 or Pixel Flip.

To recap, Google unveiled its first-ever foldable phone dubbed the Pixel Fold in May 2023. Now, the folks at 9To5Google have discovered evidence that implies Google is developing a new device that could be a Pixel Flip or Pixel Fold 2.

The website is known for APK Insight posts. Apparently, they decompile apps and share their findings with their readers. In its latest APK Insight post, the reputed website found a new Pixel phone tentatively named Comet.

Pixel Fold 2, Pixel Flip might be around the corner

The source for the latest Pixel Buds companion app, which was uploaded on Google Play Store reportedly hints at the imminent arrival of a new Pixel smartphone.

Since it is codenamed Comet, it is safe to assume that the phone will not be a part of the Pixel 8 series, which will be unveiled during the impending Made by Google event on October 4.

To those unaware, the Pixel 8 was codenamed Shiba and the Pixel 8 Pro has the codename Husky, which alludes to different dog breeds. Comet, on the other hand, isn't a dog breed name.

The word on the street is that the Pixel 9 series will carry reptile-themed codenames when they arrive in 2024. So, the new Pixel device isn't a Pixel 9 model either.

What else do we know about Comet?

Moreover, the mysterious phone isn't expected to be part of the annual launch cycle. There is a possibility the new Pixel device could make its debut at the next Google I/O just like the original Pixel Fold.

Notably, the Pixel Buds companion app source code has Comet and Felix grouped together. It is worth noting that the Pixel Fold is linked to the codename Felix.

Furthermore, the code has Comet listed as case 7, which has been dubbed "Fold" further into the code. This is a major sign Comet is a foldable device.

Since Pixel Fold is just a few months old now, it looks like Google is planning to launch the Pixel Fold 2 earlier than expected.

Alternatively, Comet could turn out to be a flip-style foldable that will compete with Samsung's Galaxy Z Flip series, Moto Razr series and more. The current-gen Pixel Fold competes with the Galaxy Z Fold 5.

Other key details about Comet are still scarce. So, we will have to wait and see what the search giant reveals about the proposed handset in the future.