Dozens of people have been evacuated from a stuck rollercoaster at Alton Towers, in the latest setback for the beleaguered holiday park.

Passengers on the Th13teen ride were left stranded following a power cut on the afternoon of 3 July.

Other rides also experienced technical difficulties and were temporarily suspended as a result, including Rita Queen of Speed, Oblivion and Sonic Spinball.

"Following a temporary loss of power at Th13teen, guests were taken off the ride," a spokesperson for Alton Towers said in a statement.

"Alton Towers Resort staff followed the established procedure to ensure everyone was helped off safely."

All visitors will be able to reuse their tickets on 4 July.

Earlier this week, 80 people were stuck for an hour after two monorail trains broke down on the hottest day of the year.

The monorail trains stopped running at 5:25pm on 1 July, leaving visitors trapped inside in extreme heat.

After being allowed off the monorail, the guests had to walk for an hour using the evacuation walkways.

An Alton Towers spokesman said: "The train drivers kept guests informed via the on board PA system and refreshments were provided" adding that delays were "within expected levels".

The same day, a separate technical failure left passengers on the popular Air rollercoaster stuck in mid-air for around 25 minutes.

The theme park has vowed to introduce stricter safety procedures in the wake of the Smiler crash on 2 June which left five people seriously injured.

Two victims, 20-year-old Vicky Balch and 17-year-old Leah Washington, underwent leg amputations following the crash.