American Horror Story season 6
Sarah Paulson and Cuba Gooding as Shelby and Matt Miller in American Horror Story: Roanoke FX

American Horror Story season 6 returns with episode 4 on Wednesday (5 October) at 10pm EST on the FX network. In the chapter, Shelby and Matt will be hunted by The Butcher and her spirits and escape will no longer be an option for the Miller family.

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In episode 3, the search for Flora turned out to be deadly as Lee's ex-husband Mason's body was found in the woods, which was badly charred. Shelby suspected that Lee was involved in the murder as security footage showed that she followed Mason out of the house at night.

Meanwhile, a psychic named Cricket showed up and claimed to locate Flora. He revealed that Lee's daughter is with Priscilla, a dead 16th-century child. He also revealed that the area was haunted by spirits led by The Butcher (played by Kathy Bates).

There was some backstory in episode 3 about The Butcher formerly known Thomasyn White. The Roanoke Colonist rebelled against Thomasyn in her husband's absence and left her to rot in the woods.

However, in the woods she stumbled upon a mysterious woman (played by Lady Gaga) – who gave her soul –following which she took control of the colony and forced them to relocate to the place which now falls under Shelby and Matt's property.

Cricket urged the spirits to give them Flora, and in return, Matt and Shelby agreed to leave the place. However, Matt disappeared during the negotiations and Shelby found him having sex with the same mysterious woman. The episode ended with Shelby confronting Matt about what happened in the woods as the latter insisted that he does not recall these events and the police arrived to arrest Lee for Mason murder, thanks to a tip-off by Shelby.

Now, the promo of the upcoming episode opens with Shelby saying, "I know what I saw, and it was real." Then, Paulson's character is seen screaming after seeing something in the shower.

This is followed by Matt saying in the documentary, "I couldn't remember anything." Shelby and Matt have an argument and his wife insists, "I saw you."

The promo then goes on to show The Butcher and her spirits march to torch the house as Cricket says, "I told The Butcher 'you will leave' and 'you sure as hell didn't'."

There is a scene with a scared Shelby in the woods uttering, "Croatoan" and her counterpart says in the documentary, "I have never been so scared in my entire life"

To know if the Millers survive The Butcher's wrath, watch American Horror Story: Roanoke that airs on Wednesday nights on the FX Network.