American Horror Story season 6
Sarah Paulson as Shelby Miller in American Horror Story season 6 FX

After a shocking American Horror Story 6, fans are wondering what kind of scary things season 7 has to offer. AHS season 6, titled Roanoke, featured a horror documentary set at the former site of the long-lost colony of Roanoke and the show's theme and plot details were kept a secret until the premiere.

Cast and creators of AHS recently attended the 2017's PaleyFest panel at Los Angeles' Dolby Theater and offered some details about season 7 plot. Until now we know that the theme for season 7 will be based on the 2016 US presidential election, as revealed by creator Ryan Murphy earlier.

Here are five spoilers about American Horror Story Season 7 from the Paley Fest:

1. Teasing how the plot for AHS season 7 came to be, producer Tim Minear told the audience, "At the beginning of every season, in order to secure the tax benefit, you have to give a synopsis of what you're doing. That was not okay with Ryan [Murphy], but we had to give them something, so we made up this completely batshit thing for those two paragraphs. And the funny thing is, we're doing it this year."

2. Sarah Paulson spoke about the show's plot and urged fans to expect more from creator Ryan Murphy. The Emmy-winning star told The Hollywood Report at the PaleyFest red carpet, "Ryan has a very unique perspective on everything. Is there anything that he has put out into the world that hasn't been a sort of unique or inventive way to look at something that maybe some could say has been done before? He reinvents everything."

She continued, "Whatever the angle he's going to take, it will be unique, which will make it new, which will make us interested and make our eyes and ears open probably in a way that we hadn't thought about."

3. Paulson volunteered to play President Donald Trump, at the Paley Fest red carpet. She said, "If Donald Trump is going to be in a character in it," adding that prosthetics would likely be involved. "Why not? That's an acting challenge to be sure."

4. Actor Denis O'Hare shared what character he wanted to play in s07. He told Refinery29, "An evil Republican strategist. The real ones are really scary, so we'll do a fictionalized one... One who is really powerful, really corrupt, and really sort of compromised, who comes to a really bad end."

5. Cheyenne Jackson, who has appeared in seasons five and six of AHS, said that there are no rules when it comes to AHS. He said, "Because there are no rules with American Horror Story. It is fantasy, it is bold, and operatic and rough sometimes, kind of like politics. He [Ryan Murphy] could probably put his point of view out there and speak for what a lot of people possibly are thinking but also do it in an entertaining, disgusting way."

American Horror Story was renewed season 8 and 9 and Paulson and Evan Peters are confirmed to return for season seven.