Andrew Garfield
Real life couple Stone and Garfield at the premiere of The Amazing Spiderman 2 in Leicester Square Reuters

Rumour mills were abuzz after news came in that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield were splitting up, since the actor ditched his girlfriend at the 2015 Oscars night.

However, a new report in Youth Health states that Stone and Garfield are very much together.

The website said, "The two are simply just staying on the down low for the health of their relationship. They want to put it first above the bustle of Hollywood by staying out of the public eye when they can."

Previously, reports had claimed that Andrew decided to drop everything to accompany the love of his life for the Oscars ceremony. But at the red carpet event, the Best Supporting Actress nominee for Birdman was spotted alone, while Garfield was missing.

A new report has revealed that Emma's boyfriend cancelled his plans as he wanted it to be "Emma's moment".

"Andrew takes things way too seriously and he changed his mind in joining Emma last minute because he told her that he wanted it to be about her," a source told Hollywood Life.

"He wanted the night to be about Birdman and just the film and all that surrounds it, not their relationship," the source added.

Luckily, Garfield has a very understanding girlfriend and she was not mad at him for ditching her.

"Surprisingly she is actually OK with the decision because she told him that she wasn't going to win anyways so he shouldn't worry for her to join," the source added.

"They want to protect their relationship and not be a couple in public so they both decided that it was better off this way during Oscar night. If Emma thought she had a chance to win, then things would be a completely different story, but she let Andrew do his own thing during the Oscars. They have no drama with each other so people shouldn't think of this as a snub."