Android 5.1 Lollipop
Android 5.1 Lollipop SDK 22 now available: What’s new and how to download YouMobile

Google has just rolled out the Android 5.1 Lollipop SDK for API 22 via SDK Manager for developers, which comprises of the typical documentation, samples, source code and an assortment of system images for all major hardware architectures.

According to the official Android Developers blog, the updated Lollipop version or Android 5.1 brings improved stability, enhanced control of notifications and improved performance over the previous Lollipop release.

In addition, Android 5.1 introduces quick settings tweaks with improved animation and quick access to Wi-Fi hotspots and Bluetooth devices via Settings app, added support for HD voice and dual SIM, revamped screen pinning, advanced Device Protection and no mute mode with volume controls.

Coming back to the SDK for API 22 package, Google has detailed the new features ported into the Android 5.1 APIs on the developer portal, which is reportedly the shortest in Android's recent history.

The most noteworthy feature for third-party Android developers includes support for multiple SIM cards. It also adds support for Carrier Services such as enabling cellular providers to build apps that modify provisioning tasks like setting up the correct IP addresses for data connections.

Interested users with developer accounts can download the latest version of Android SDK via SDK manager and install the same using the steps outlined below, courtesy Android Police.

  • Go to the root folder of the SDK and open the /tools folder
  • Run the android.exe or executable on standalone SDK tool
  • If you are running Android Studio, go to Tools > Android > SDK Manager or if using Eclipse go to Window > Android SDK Manager
  • The update list may take a moment to populate and then API 22 SDK should appear in the list
  • You can now select the API 22 from the list and download the same via SDK Manager