In a first for Taiwan-based HTC, the company's next smartphone tentatively called HTC One A9 could run Google's newest Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) straight out of the box. The HTC One A9 also joins the list of devices confirmed to run the newer Android OS.

Android 6.0 aka Android M will hit a host of major smartphones including predominant Samsung Galaxy devices. The full list of these smartphones can be viewed here.

Android–M's direct reach to HTC's One A9 is reported by a known technology tipster, going by the Twitter handle LlabTooFer. He also hints that the One A9 will run the more recent Sense 7 UI on top of the Android M operating platform.

HTC's One A9 (codenamed Aero) will also be launched between October-November this year, according to the leakster. However, as per an online source in Taiwan, the One A9 will be showcased as early as 29 September, in an HTC official event.

The key technical specifications, to be featured by HTC One, have not surfaced at this point in time. But the handset could be a flagship considering the fact that it would run Android 6.0 straight out of the box.

Being a highly-anticipated software product, Google's Android 6.0 offers the following newer functionality, to mid-range and high-end smartphone users:

  • Android Pay: Termed as a comparatively safer method of cashless payments, Android Pay makes use of a virtual account (complemented by a virtual account number) and lets users make payments while shopping at a merchant. The functionality also does not transmit the debit/credit card number of users during a transaction.
  • Google Doze: This feature is theoretically expected to double battery life, by limiting background tasks launched by Android. Google Doze could serve as a security backup when users leave their smartphone unattended.
  • Google Now on Tap: With the "On Tap" input, users can access additional information about any specific term, with just a simple tap and hold of the virtual home button.
  • Fingerprint Scanner: Biometric verification added to users' Android devices, along with making the entire Android Pay mechanism comparatively more secure.