The debate continues between smartphone users on Apple's platform and those who are on Google's ecosystem. While each respective operating system has its advantages and disadvantages, the general opinion agrees that Android is evidently the more flexible of the two. As long as individuals know their way around, the customisation possibilities are near limitless. It seems that a big change might be on the way as data miners stumble upon a fascinating feature in a leaked copy of iOS 14.

Though the Cupertino tech outfit regularly rolls out updates to iOS, most of these are security patches and the occasional functionality tweaks. In the past, Google has been criticised for allegedly copying some interface elements from its rival. However, in recent years, it appears to be the other way around. Last month, 9to5Mac was regularly in the headlines after it secured an early build of the iPhone firmware.

Hey @EveryApplePro, @MaxWinebach said you like wallpapers

— Dongle (@DongleBookPro) April 4, 2020

After some extensive data mining, the code disclosed multiple unannounced hardware that is speculated to launch this year. So far, two among the list have already debuted late last month – the 2020 iPad Pro and MacBook Air. Now, further digging into iOS 14 reveals what iPhone users have been requesting from Apple for a while now. Screenshots posted on Twitter shows a new interface that groups wallpapers into collections.

Furthermore, iPhone users will be able to set a dynamic wallpaper which includes a blurry, dark, and flat version. In addition to the expanded options, the upcoming update should allow users to finally add functional widgets similar to the ones on Android to the home screen. Nevertheless, until this is officially confirmed by Apple, these features should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Apple CEO Tim Cook
Apple CEO Tim Cook speaks on-stage during a product launch event at Apple's headquarters in Cupertino, Photo: AFP / Josh Edelson Josh Edelson/AFP

Another product that was listed in iOS 14 is the AirTags smart wireless trackers. These are meant to be a first-party device tracking alternative to Tile and other similar brands. Last week, tech industry sources pointed out that Apple might have accidentally confirmed its impending release after a support video surfaced on the official webpage. It looks like there are several changes down the line in store for the various products in its catalogue.