Android Lollipop for LG G2
Android Lollipop is now available for LG G2 users in India Reuters

After being confirmed for the LG G2 Mini, the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) OS update is reportedly available for the older LG G2 smartphone.

GSMArena has quoted a webcusp blog post stating that the Android Lollipop OS update has started seeding to LG G2 users in India, in the form of a hefty 750MB-sized file via LG PC Suite.

While the Android Lollipop firmware upgrade is available for certain carrier-specific LG G2 users in the UK, US and Australia, it is likely to be released soon for unlocked variants of the device in the near future. Hence, LG G2 users can check their handsets for a new over-the-air (OTA) notification representing the update.

New enhancements offered by Android Lollipop OS update

  • Material design user interface (UI): The overall look and feel of the device has been updated along the lines of its G3 variant. The latest flat graphic design makes the interface comparatively easier to use.
  • Enhanced notification control: The G2 Lollipop Notification panel requires a single swipe to display Notifications and Quick Settings.
  • New lockscreen notifications: Notifications can now be seen even as the screen is locked, while, users can tap 'More' or swipe down to see all notifications.
  • Hiding notifications: This aspect can be configured via the Settings menu to show all notifications, hide sensitive notifications or hide all notifications.
  • Screen Pinning: Users can find this feature in the Recents App. Screen pinning allows a user to access only a single app, preventing the device from launching another app until it is unpinned by the user.
  • Floating Action buttons: Floating action buttons are added in some of the main applications to promote the key action such as adding or composing a new item. Floating Action Buttons can be found in Clock, Contacts, Email, Messaging, and Music applications.

How to manually searching and install Android Lollipop

LG G2 users can follow the steps mentioned below to manually search is install the update:

  • From the Home Screen, tap the Menu Key and navigate to Settings > About Phone > Software updates > Check for Updates
  • Select Download Now
  • When download is complete, a screen will appear stating that the latest software version is ready for installation. Choose Install Now
  • The device will power down and power back on. A screen will appear stating that the installation has been completed. Tap OK