Andy Coulson, the ex-Editor of News of the World and the Prime Minister's former press chief, has allegedly been attacked in prison by a fellow inmate.

A source told IBTimes UK that Coulson's past quickly caught up with him inside Belmarsh jail last Saturday [5 July], on only his second day in the tough Category A prison in south east London.

The attacker was a criminal who once appeared in the pages of the now-defunct News of the World, formerly edited by Coulson.

According to the source, Coulson, 49, was in the association area on his wing at Belmarsh, when he was approached and struck. The blow knocked his glasses off, it was claimed.

It is understood Coulson did not report the incident to prison staff.

"The person who did it was stitched up by the News of the World," said the source, adding: "Coulson is now quietly *****ing himself."

It was a harsh introduction to life behind bars for David Cameron's former media chief, who was found guilty of on one count of conspiracy to hack phones and jailed last Friday for 18 months.

The attack on Coulson came only 48 hours after he told convicted felon and former Conservative politician Jonathan Aitken of his determination to "make the best of prison."

Writing in the London Evening Standard, Aitken predicted Coulson would enjoy a "positive time" in prison because of his "natural journalistic curiosity."

The reality may be turning out rather differently.

Any hopes Coulson may hold of being sent to an open prison, where he would be more safe, may also be under threat.

That is because there is the possibility Rupert Murdoch's former protege shall spend his whole sentence at Belmarsh because of outstanding charges against him.

Coulson is due to stand trial for two counts of conspiracy to commit misconduct in a public office in connection with phone hacking at the Old Bailey. He also stands accused of alleged perjury at the trial of Scottish socialist politican Tommy Sheridan in 2010.

IBTimes UK contacted the Ministry of Justice for a comment. A spokesman said: "We do not comment on individual prisoners."

Speaking through his lawyers, DLA Piper, Andy Coulson strongly denied that he had been the subject of any attacks at Belmarsh Prison.