The subject of the assault, Majed al-Fakhouri, said he was trying to reach the teenager as she bled near what is known as the Tomb of the Patriarchs to Jews and the Ibrahimi Mosque to Muslims. "I saw blood coming out of her arm and side and I thought she was going to bleed to death," al-Fakhouri said. "I tried to help her but a police officer stopped me and ordered me to go back. Then he turned me over and my head hit the ground."

The 53-year-old lost his left leg following a car accident 10 years ago. He was taken to hospital, but did not suffer any serious injuries.

The clip shows al-Fakhouri being tipped out of his chair as he remonstrates with an Israeli officer while trying to reach the wounded girl. A few people then rush to his aid while another Israeli official points his weapon at a Palestinian man while also aiming a kick at him. A soldier then throws a stun grenade at the Palestinians, forcing them to scatter. The incident sparked anger among Palestinians and was also aired on Israeli television.

Israeli police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld said an investigation has been launched. "A few minutes after a terrorist attack had taken place by a woman terrorist adjacent to that area, a crowd gathered and attempted to get into the area where the attack had taken place," Rosenfeld said in a statement.

"Border police dispersed the crowd and used non-lethal means. The man in the wheelchair was part of that crowd that had gathered. The footage of the incident is being looked into by the Ministry of Justice that examines those types of incidents of border police behaviour," he added.

Speaking to The Telegraph, al-Fakhouri said that while he would like to see the officer responsible face justice, he was holding out little hope. "There is no justice for us," he said. "There is justice inside Israel for Israelis but nothing for us here."

Israeli police came under attack several times on 14 February, with two men opening fire on officers near the Damascus Gate of the Old City in Jerusalem. That incident followed two shootings at Israeli forces in the West Bank. All four Palestinian men were killed by security forces.