You know the feeling. You are standing on a cold and wet platform after a hard day's grind and suddenly you are told that your train has been delayed for 30 minutes or cancelled altogether.

So what do you do? You get out your smartphone or tablet and you tweet how bad the service is.

And, according to a new report, rail companies received nearly half a million tweets from angry commuters using negative sentiment such as "fault," "profit," and "greedy" last year.

The report, developed by, a group of data scientists analysed Twitter interactions with 14 leading train company feeds, using keyword and sentiment analysis algorithms to collate the information.

The Twitter Trains of Thought report found that between April 2104 and April 2015, there were 473,661 tweets directed at the 14 rail providers using negative sentiment, underlining commuter dissatisfaction with train services.

A further 7,408 tweets were sent using language, such as "pick-pocket", "thieves", "fight" and "drunk."

In addition, 11,179 commuter tweets complained about carriages being too warm using words such as "too hot," "air con," and "sauna."

A further 12,076 tweets directed at rail operators complaining about journeys which were "too cold" due to poor heating systems.

"Commuters are increasingly using social media sites like Twitter to publicly express their frustrations about their daily journeys. Train operators should be actively monitoring these interactions to improve services and help create a happy commuter experience." said Daren Wood, director,

"The more commuters share opinions on daily train services, the more information operators will have make to the necessary improvements. That's why we created the new Commute Club app to enable instant sharing of train experiences from like-minded commuters.