Animal Kingdom
Animal Kingdom starring Ellen Barkin premieres on TNT on 14 June TNT

Animal Kingdom, a brand new crime drama by TNT, will premiere its pilot episode on 14 June (Tuesday). In a special two-hour long series premiere, the TNT show will introduce the viewers to a criminal family based in southern California that is run by the matriarch of the household — Janine Cody played by Emmy and Tony winner Ellen Barkin.

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Based on a 2010 Australian crime movie of the same name, the TV series seems compelling from the very first look.

The grim drama off the pretty coastline of California tells the story of a gangster family, whose rather questionable activities fund their "excessive lifestyle". In the explicit mix of characters, the most critical is the bada** grandmother played by Barkin, better known as Smurf in her criminal circles.

Not only is Smurf leading her pack of boys with ruthless force and "incestuous love" but also from time to time plans heists to keep the wheel moving. In this dark world of violence and twisted relationships lands Joshua 'J' Cody, Smurf's 17-year-old grandson, who has to take refuge with the gang after his mother dies of drug overdose.

Watch the trailer for the series here:

According to the official synopsis of the pilot episode, Joshua — nicknamed as J – has to earn his family's, especially his complicated grandmother's, trust to survive. Does that include eventually becoming a part of the household business – crime – like his pot smoking, coke snorting uncles?

"You are in this family now, you are gonna be seeing things, hearing things.. that need to stay in this family," comes Smurf's threatening response in the trailer for the series.

In times when television is introducing viewers to quality drama and anti-hero plots, TNT's Animal Kingdom looks promising with an equally talented cast. Joining Barkin in the criminal mix are Scott Speedman as Barry Blackwell, Shawn Hatosy as Andrew Cody, Ben Robson, Jake Weary and Finn Cole as the estranged grandson J.

Directed by John Wells and scripted by Jonathan Lisco, the crime drama premieres on Tuesday on TNT at 9/8c.