Scream season 2 episode 3 titled Vacancy will air on MTV on 13 June at 11pm EST Scream/MTV

Scream season 2 is all set to welcome some old faces back into the loop in the upcoming episode that airs on Monday (13 June). Episode 3 titled Vacancy, characteristically named after the 2007 horror movie starring Kate Beckinsale and Luke Wilson, will follow Emma Duval's struggles as her estranged father returns to the town. It seems the Lakewood teenager has newer secrets to unveil.

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Emma clearly has no escape from the after-effects of the killings that rocked the town of Lakewood. After a strained relationship with her mother, following Maggie's revelations about her daughter's past; the teenager is now set to face her father.

When Emma asks Kevin, her father to explain why he left her in the first place, his response indicates that there are greater secrets to be revealed.

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"I know what you are going through," Kevin says in the trailer trying to reassure his daughter, but his lack of honesty is hardly helping Emma, whose life is already at risk with a killer on the loose.

However, Emma's father is not the only one, who is back in the wretched town. Young high school teacher Seth Branson will make a timely entry into his student Brooke Maddox's life again. Considering the student-teacher romantic history and the recent death of Brook's boyfriend Jake Fitzgerald , what could Branson's return mean to the mysterious storyline?

In the midst of all the emotional and scandalous drama, a mysterious caller continues to haunt Audrey Jensen, who now appears to be an accomplice to the killer of the last season. Not only does the new killer leave Audrey with Jake's dead body, but also has a threatening note pinned to it, "see how I finished the job for you, Audrey?"

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