Clashes have broken out between protesters and police following the shooting of black teenager Antonio Martin in Berkeley, Missouri.

A large crowd gathered following the shooting of 18-year-old Martin, prompting police to deploy riot squad officers. In the footage above, taken from a live video stream from user Stackizshort on Ustream, police try to keep claims crowds away from the petrol station. The person filming the footage then claims to be maced, and that bricks are being thrown, before a firework is set off and explodes in the middle of the petrol station.

The shooting

The incident took place near the flashpoint town of Ferguson where teenager Michael Brown was killed by officer Darren Wilson earlier this year.

The teen was reportedly killed outside the Mobil gas station in the town and social media users posted photos and footage of Martin's mother at the scene.

Initial reports from witnesses suggest that Martin was unarmed while others claim that a gun was found at the scene. Whether Martin was armed or not at the time of the incident could be immediately verified.