An Apple fan hoping to be the first to get his hands on the first new iPhone has set up camp outside a store in Sydney despite it being days before the new handset has even been announced, and weeks before it will arrive in shops.

With no official release date yet revealed for the expected crop of three new iPhones, including the all-new iPhone X, the patient patron is likely in line for a long wait as he sits in a chair outside the Apple Store located in Sydney's George Street.

The individual was snapped on social media by former Gizmodo Australia Editor Luke Hopewell and the viral post has since been met around the world with shock, scoffs and snickering at the die-hard fan's willingness to brave the elements for his love of gadgetry.

More than just a fanboy, the 20-year-old has been identified as Mazen Kourouche who runs a tech YouTube channel and believes camping out in a tent and sleeping bag on the busy pavement in the city's CBD will be worth it for new fans by being the first to cover the new iPhone.

It is reported Kourouche was asked if he'd accept $50,000 for the privilege of giving up his first place in the queue, but said he'd turn it down with the view that the amount of new subscribers he'd gain could be worth more.

It is rumoured the new Apple smartphones could be available in Australia by 22 September, however there are reports that the one everyone wants to get hold of, the iPhone X, could be delayed much longer. Kourouche claims he'd happily buy the other handsets and will pre-order the X in any case. The student app developer also revealed he is holding his place with the help of two friends and will take shifts to make the wait a little easier.

Australians eager for Apple's new goods have become a common sight with the launch of the iPhone 6S in 2015 seeing one inventive customer employing a robot to hold her place at the front of the queue as she stayed at home. The most infamous case of Aussie Apple fandom was perhaps the owner of the first iPhone 6 sold in Perth, who opened his cherished item on live television, only to drop the handset.

A significant leak from an alleged disgruntled Apple employee just days before the company's big event revealed what we are expected to see on 12 September. The 'malicious' leak gave access to an unreleased version of iOS 11 and provided details on the anticipated iPhone X, as well as an iPhone 8 and 8 Plus.

Full details will be revealed at the event held at the Steve Jobs Theatre in Cupertino, California on 12 September at 6pm (BST).

Here's how you can watch the livestream on iOS, MAC, PC and Android.