Apple recently published a new support document on its official site, acknowledging that some iPhone 6s and 6s Plus users are experiencing issues with the battery percentage display not updating, even after it is being used. The battery status bar seems to be stuck on affected iPhone 6s devices.

In the support document, Apple said that it was aware of the issue and was investigating its root cause to fix the problem. According to the company, the issue affect 6s devices wherein the system time is manually reset or time zone is changed.

iPhone 6s and 6s Plus battery issue
Apple discussions forum

The iPhone maker has recommended users to restart their iPhone, and then go to Settings > General > Date and Time to ensure that "Set Automatically" option is turned on.

If the issue persists, users have been advised to contact Apple Support for assistance and more information about the issue. Affected users can also head over to the Apple discussion forum for further discussion.

Numerous users have complained about the issue which has affected iPhone models launched last September. The issue seems widespread as users who manually adjusted their phone's clock settings – to bypass timer-based barriers in certain games – are affected with the incorrect battery usage display.

Apple had earlier offered to replace a specific batch of faulty iPhone 5s units with reduced battery-life. So, it is not the first time that Apple iPhones have been affected with a battery-related issue.