While Samsung is busy creating adverts to mock the competition, Apple is delving into a real human issue.

In December, the Australian parliament legalised same-sex marriage. After the law passed, celebrities from across the world were quick to congratulate the country. Tim Cook, Apple's openly gay chief executive, tweeted his congratulations (twice, after making a mistake in the first tweet).

Now, the company has released a tear-jerking advert that shows gay and lesbian couples getting married. Shot entirely on an iPhone X, the footage shows the newly-weds celebrating at wedding receptions and embracing in their first dance. An acoustic version of Never Tear Us Apart is played as the background music.

Apple is no stranger to supporting and celebrating gay marriage. Last year, Mashable was sent a statement from Apple about the Australian non-binding postal vote:

"We support marriage equality and believe all Australians deserve the freedom to marry the person they love, and to have their relationships recognised with the same dignity and legal protections as their neighbours, friends and family."

When the United States legalised gay marriage in 2015, Apple released a similar statement:

"We applaud the Supreme Court and everyone who worked so hard in the years leading up to today's historic decision. This is a momentous step forward for equality and fundamental human rights in the United States. We could not be happier for our employees, customers and people all over America who now have the right o marry the one they love."