Star Wars radio station
Apple launches new radio station named after Star Wars movie Apple

Being inspired by the popularity of the forthcoming movie, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Apple has just announced the launch of a dedicated radio station called "Star Wars" for its Music app in iOS. The Star Wars station features the popular collection of music from past movies such as Rebel Blockade Runner, Yoda's Theme, Emperor Arrives and a bunch of sound-effects like R2-02 beeping.

The new radio station is accessible on multiple platforms including the Music app on iOS and Apple TV as well as iTunes on Mac and PC. As iDownloadBlog reports, the licensing right for the new radio station seems to be limited to certain countries including the US and the service is unavailable in non-licensed countries.

Avid Star Wars fans can avail a limited period 10% promotional discount on the Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection (HD) bundle, which can be purchased or downloaded via iTunes for $89.99. In addition, one can also pre-order the Star Wars: The Force Awakens soundtrack via iTunes ahead of the movie's release on 18 December.

In related news, Google recently released a Chrome browser based game called Star Wars Lightsaber Escape, which is also inspired by the Star Wars movie series. As a goodwill gesture, Google is also giving away free Star Wars themed cardboard VR viewers via Google Store.