Apple iMac 27-inch with 5K Retina Display
Certain Apple iMac 27-inch systems have been found to contain defective 3TB hard drives. Apple is replacing these hard drives free of cost throughout the world Apple

Apple has announced that it is replacing defective 3TB hard drives of the 27in iMac computer system purchased between December 2012 and September 2013. The company has listed certain criteria for the iMac's hard drive to be replaced free of cost.

Announcing its iMac (27-inch) 3TB Hard Drive Replacement Program, Apple said that it has determined that a very small number of 3TB hard drives used in 27-inch iMac systems, may fail under certain conditions. These systems were sold between December 2012 and September 2013.

Apple or an Apple Authorised Service Provider (AASP) will replace affected hard drives free of charge.

The company is also contacting affected iMac users who had provided a valid email address during the product registration process to let them know about this programme. iMac users who have not been contacted by Apple, or have purchased the computer during the above mentioned period can contact Apple via their custom online portal and provide them with the serial number of the system, to find out whether their system is part of the programme.

If your iMac qualifies for the replacement programme, then you need to:

  • Back up data present within the hard drive of your iMac (mandatory)
  • Set an appointment with an Apple Retail Store
  • Contact an Apple Authorised service provider
  • Contact local service operations of an Apple Technical Support service provider

Post replacement of the 3TB hard drive, re-install the OS and other vital system apps and data of the older hard drive which you have backed up.