The Apple Inc logo is shown outside the company's 2016 Worldwide Developers Conference in San Francisco
Apple may have canceled its spring event to focus more on its VR/AR headset. Reuters

Apple is reportedly planning to cancel its highly-anticipated spring event. The American tech giant was originally expected to unveil a slew of new devices at the event.

To those unaware, Apple usually holds three to four events every year. This includes a spring event in March, and the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) that takes place in June. Aside from this, the company holds a September event that primarily focuses on the iPhone and Apple Watch.

Moreover, Apple announces iPad or Mac refreshes in an October event ahead of their fall release. Although most of April is over, Apple hasn't rolled out an invitation to an upcoming event. Still, new Apple hardware could be in the offing given that there are new Macs in Apple's product pipeline.

So, the Cupertino-based tech firm will likely find a time and place to showcase its latest products. That time and place could be the WWDC 2023 event. So, let's check out what Apple could release in June during the impending WWDC.

Apple's spring event

The company was reportedly gearing up to show off its AR/VR headset in April and hold an event to unveil it. However, the device's launch was pushed back until June. Bloomberg's Mark Gurman believes Apple will end up announcing its VR/AR headset at the upcoming WWDC.

Although Apple isn't likely to hold a spring event this year, a MacRumors report suggests a 15-inch MacBook Air could make its debut either in the spring or early summer. Aside from this, new Apple silicon Mac Pro models could become official in the aforesaid timeline. While these products could be announced at WWDC, Apple could unveil them via a press release during the spring.

To recap, Apple announced a new iPhone SE, iPad Air, alongside a Mac Studio at last year's spring event. In 2021, the company launched the AirTag, along with a new iMac, iPad Pro, and an Apple TV 4K update. So, it is safe to say that the spring event usually ushers in eclectic products. However, a considerable number of products Apple was expected to announce this spring were launched via press announcements in January.

That included a new 16-inch new MacBook Pro 2023 and a 14-inch MacBook Pro 2023, powered by the M2 Max and M2 chipsets, respectively. Likewise, Apple is reportedly prepping to show off the much-awaited iOS 17 on the first day of WWDC 2023. However, Apple has reportedly dropped the idea of launching the iPhone SE 4, which was previously expected to arrive later this year.

The fourth generation iPhone SE could sport a new 6.1-inch display, unlike the existing SE model. Now, a Tom's Guide report claims the device isn't likely to see the light of day until 2025. While it is unclear whether Apple was actually gearing up for a spring event this year, the report implies the company could've sidelined its product launch to focus more on the VR/AR headset.

So, the company is understandably using its resources to have a VR/AR headset preview ready for the WWDC, which is slated to kick off on June 5. Now, let's take a look at everything else the upcoming information technology conference held by Apple could offer.

WWDC 2023: What to expect?

According to Gurman, the company could take the wraps off new Mac laptops. Aside from this, the popular journalist believes WWDC could bring the usual Apple software previews, as well as the VR headset preview.

In his latest newsletter, Gurman suggests Apple could announce an entry-level 13-inch MacBook Pro and a 15-inch MacBook Air at the event. Also, a Mac Pro powered by Mac silicon and a few updated MacBook Pro models are likely to make their debut at the event. Following their debut at WWDC 2023, these products could launch between now and early 2024.

MacBook Air 15-inch: This slightly larger version of Apple's ultraportable laptop might not pack an M3 chip under the hood. Instead, it will probably come with an M2 or M2 Pro processor, which should be enough to power a device that costs less than the MacBook Pro.

Mac Pro M2: If Apple doesn't launch the Mac Pro M2 at a spring event, we could see it at WWDC. The event will be attended by app makers that have restlessly been waiting for the arrival of this niche desktop.