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Has Apple 'imitated' Samsung's large screen Note, in its iPhone 6. Apple

The Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, which were officially launched amidst increased fanfare by Apple in an event on 9 September at SanFrancisco, have now become the target of Samsung, which has fired fresh salvos at the Cupertino-based company, in the form of a new video.

The latest video, posted on YouTube, apparently by Samsung Mobile USA, takes a dig at media coverage that mentioned and chided the South Korean smartphone manufacturer's Note series of smartphones as being 'overly bigger'.

The video also brings to the fore tweets (by tech enthusiasts and analysts) that accuse iPhone 6 of having imitated Samsung's Galaxy Note phablet.

Check out the video below, and do let us know your thoughts on the Samsung vs Apple 'cold war' that threatens to blow out of proportion as of now.

Also, the video takes viewers back to 2011, the year when Samsung's first-generation 'large-screen' Note smartphones made their debuts, and viewers are also taken through the 'evolution cycle' of the Samsung Galaxy Note series, right from 2011 up till the latest 2014 Galaxy Note 'large screen smartphones' iteration.

The video also displays clearly a media report that claims iPhone 6 is a rip-off of larger displays, which Samsung is known to produce since a long time.

Finally, the narrator of the video says: "Samsung's large screen display is being imitated by competitors, rather than being dismissed as was the case earlier." An image of Apple's latest iPhone 6 is shown while the above '"it's being imitated"' statement plays in the background.

Samsung's Yet-to-Be-Released Galaxy Note 4 Promoted?

In the video, various features and functionality of Samsung's yet-to-be-released Galaxy Note 4 are highlighted, and are claimed to be 'more innovative'.

The release date of Galaxy Note 4 is also apparently indicated as October 2014.

Apple's iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are already up for pre-orders, with major wireless carriers across the United States reporting unprecedented pre-order sales.