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So yet another April Fool's Day is upon us... and everyone is all set to play naughty pranks on friends and family members!

For most people, this day is about fun and frolic... about cracking jokes and playing harmless pranks! For some others, unfortunately, it can get a little too intense, especially because of a lack of consideration on the prankster's part.

The point is... one should be careful not to hurt the sentiments of your victims or carry your jokes beyond a reasonable point.

For instance, death hoaxes on social networking Web sites have become a regrettably common trend now.

However, we ought not to forget that such jokes are in bad taste and do affect friends, families and the celebrity too.

A hoax that did the rounds recently concerned the alleged death of country music star Reba McEntire. The hoax ran that she had fallen to her death from atop a mountain in a remote part of Austria. The news soon became a trending topic on Twitter.

The result - her nephew suffered a panic attack.

In a recent appearance on American chat show "The Talk", Reba shared her experiences of the hoax and that of her nephew - Trevor.

"He was devastated. He calls Alice just balling. And she said, 'I'll find out immediately.' She called me and I said, 'No I'm fine.' And I had to walk him off the ledge," explained the singer.

Many other celebrities have fallen victim to similar pranks... but these kind of jokes just are not funny!