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Arrow season 3 midseason premiere will deal with the aftermath of Oliver's death Arrow/The CW

Arrow season 3 midseason premiere is just a few weeks away and new details of the upcoming episodes suggest some compelling twists.

The midseason premiere episode is titled Left Behind, where the Arrow team will deal with the news of Oliver's disappearance and will continue to protect the city in the Arrow's absence.

Executive producer Marc Guggenheim dished a few details on what to expect when the series returns.

The three episodes following Oliver's seeming death "are among the best we've ever done. They're incredibly compelling," Guggenheim told Tvline.

The fallout at home not only "makes it necessary" for Laurel to don the Canary costume, but also brings together characters that previously haven't shared a lot of screentime.

While the disappearance and presumed death of Oliver Queen will push Laurel into the Black Canary costume, fans will be treated to a number of DC Comics characters and concepts returning to the show that haven't been seen in a while , including Sara herself, Deathstroke, Sin, H.I.V.E. and the Suicide Squad.

Actor David Ramsey, who plays Diggle in Arrow said: "There's a lot of Thea and Felicity," and "[Felicity will] have some pretty big moments with Laurel as well."

Diggle gets "emotional" in the first hour back, shared Ramsey, who also hinted that the H.I.V.E. storyline will be revisited.

H.I.V.E. is a villainous organisation in DC Comics, and in the show they were responsible for contracting the murder of Diggle's brother at the hands of Suicide Squad member Floyd "Deadshot" Lawton.

"We're definitely going to bring back the Suicide Squad," EP Andrew Kreisberg confirmed.

Though Sara's killer has been unmasked, Sin will play "a pivotal part" in that storyline in episode 12, while Sara (Caity Lotz) and Vertigo (Peter Stormare) both appear in episode 13.

Season 3 will also see the return of Slade Wilson (Manu Bennett).

Arrow return will an all new episode on 21 January, 2015.