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Wednesday's episode included the highly anticipated kiss between Felicity and Ray Palmer The CW

Oliver and Felicity fans of the hit Arrow series were in for a disappointment this week.

In Wednesday's episode Draw Back Your Bow, while Oliver was pursued by an Arrow-obsessed Cupid, the highly anticipated kiss between Felicity and Ray Palmer was aired.

In the season 3 premiere episode Oliver and Felicity did go out on a date, but things did not work out for them. And this week's episode, established that Oliver still has feelings for Felicity.

When Felicity tells Oliver, she is going on a work date with Ray, he is taken by surprise and expressions confirmed that he was not comfortable with it.

His reply, "Do what you want?" Only furthers the point that Oliver still cares about her.

Meanwhile, at Queen Consolidate, Felicity is flushed to see a shirtless Palmer working out in his office. Her one-liner when she noticed his ripped body "Oh, my God. I have a type", was an epic moment.

Ray asks Felicity to join him for a business meeting. He gives her a couture dress, saying "it's completely platonic".

"There's nothing platonic about couture," Felicity replies but agrees anyway.

Diggle, on the other hand tells Felicity how torn up Oliver was on hearing that she was going out on a date with Ray Palmer and warns her that her involvement with Ray is messing with Oliver's focus.

Later in the episode, Oliver tries to share his feelings for Felicity in a confrontation with Cupid. Diggle and Felicity listen over the radio as he says, "I know what it's like to want someone, and not be able to be with them."

Diggle later countered, "If that were true, You'd be with her."

Oliver apparently comes around and goes to tell Felicity how he feels "before it's too late" as Diggle warns, only to witness Ray and Felicity kiss.

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Oliver and Felicity went on a date in Season 3 premiere episode Arrow/The CW

At Palmer Technologies, Ray tells Felicity that the dinner deal went through thanks to her. Felicity returns the necklace to him, and he kisses her — just as Oliver approaches the office. He sees the kiss and leaves, heartbroken. Ray, though, is also conflicted about the kiss and leaves.

Arrow executive producer Greg Berlanti has divulged what Felicity feels during the kiss.

He told Tvline: "There's nothing that she's ever going to feel that isn't going to be somewhat informed by her feelings for Oliver. You watched her kiss Barry [in The Flash Episode 4]. It doesn't mean that she doesn't have feelings for [Barry]; they're just different kinds of feelings."

Lets not ship Felicity and Ray just now because we saw him using Queen Consolidated's technology and resources to render a mock-up of an "A.T.O.M. Exosuit."

In the comics, The Atom's size-changing abilities come from a piece of white dwarf star, which he harnesses the energy from to create a size-changing belt.

The exosuit he's got a mock-up looks a bit more like the one seen in the New 52 than the traditional superhero costume.

Here are a few fan tweets on Olicity.

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