Asus ZenFone 5
Asus has released Android Lollipop OTA for ZenFone 6 and 5 Asus

Asus has now made Android 5.0 Lollipop upgrade available for two more of its ZenFone series devices - ZenFone 6 and 5.

The over-the-air upgrade is currently seeding for ZenFone 5 models A500CG and A501CG with software update, which is the same version for ZenFone 6 models A600CG and A601CG. The following are the changes you should notice after installing Android Lollipop firmware on your ZenFone models.

Changelog for ZenFone 5 and 6

As Android Lollipop does not support some pre-installed apps, the listed apps will be removed once the upgrade is complete.

  • Battery widget
  • PhotoFrame widget
  • Google Text-To-Speech
  • Movie Studio
  • Cloud Print
  • CMClient
  • Magic Smoke wallpapers

Following are the features added or changed in the system upgrade

  • SuperNote: change to link-downloading version
  • Asuswebstorage: change to link-downloading version
  • Remote Link: change to link-downloading version
  • Lockscreen: remove standalone wallpaper & weather info (only for 1GB RAM device)
  • Quick settings/Recent app layout change (only for 1GB RAM device)
  • Dialer/Contacts: reduce tab count from 5 to 3; remove group tab name/photo; remove foreground service (only for 1GB RAM device)
  • InCall screen: remove inCall animation & cover (only for 1GB RAM device)
  • Fix the problem of losing some files after changing the folder name in File Manager
  • Add Zinio

The upgrade will cause issues for Asus Contacts widgets

Before upgrade, add 4x1 Asus Contacts widget to Home; after upgrade the Asus Contacts widget will always show 'loading'.

Solution: Remove old 4x1 Asus Contacts widget and re-add new 4x1 Asus Contacts widget to Home.

After upgrade, the information in 4x3 Asus Contacts widget will disappear.

Solution: Re-add information into 4x3 Asus Contacts widget.

For ZenFone 6

No longer supports NTFS format SD card. Please remember to back up your SD card data before upgrade to Android L with the following steps:

  • Connect your ZenFone and computer with USB cable
  • Enter ZenFone storage via computer
  • Select all data and copy it. Paste all your SD card data to your computer

How to update ZenFone 6 and 5 to Android 5.0 Lollipop (software v3.23.40.52)

Step-1: Download Android 5.0 Lollipop OTA update for your ZenFone

Download links:

ZenFone 6 [From here]

or, ZenFone 5 [Alternate link]

Step-2: Connect the phone to the computer using USB cable, then transfer the downloaded file to the storage of the phone; internal or, external, both works

Step-3: Disconnect the phone from the computer

Step-4: Wait for some time and you should see a notification on the notification bar

Step-5: Now apply the update and you are done

You should now be running the new Android version on your ZenFone 5/6.

Source: Asus ZenTalk