Suspecting paranormal activity in one's house is enough to give one the creeps. However, if one finds out that the one moving things around is not a ghost but a complete stranger living right on the roof, that would be totally shocking.

Monica Green, a mother from Rockhampton in Queensland, Australia, started noticing that her things at home would end up in different places other than where she remembers she had left them.

While it may have been attributed to mere forgetfulness, what made her more anxious was when she discovered that her security camera at home has been disabled.

New York Post stated that what set Green off was a day when she came home and saw that things were in disarray. She narrated that the back door was open, the air conditioning was on, and that there was a half-cooked meal of chicken nuggets. All these told her that something was terribly wrong in her home. Without hesitation, she called the police.

When the police came, they discovered that the attic door in the ceiling has been left ajar. The horrified mom described the whole ordeal as something akin to a horror film.

"Why was he in the roof? What were his intentions? Was he here to harm us? Was he here to steal one of my kids?" said Green in News.comau. She also expressed concern for her kids whom she said she felt like she has failed considering that she is supposed to be the one to protect them.

Jason Milner of the Queensland Police stated that the situation at Green's house was a unique one. He also said that it was not a usual occurrence where intruders would break into the home and enter it to steal.

Mom finds intruder living in the attic. Photo: Pixabay

"I felt violated. I felt like my personal space had been invaded. I felt shocked, terrified, scared," said Green to Courier Mail. She also had a theory on how the intruder was able to enter her home. She believes that they stole her car keys.

As of writing, the identity of the intruder has not yet been established. Queensland authorities are still investigating Green's case.