Soon after rumours of Game Of Thrones star Peter Dinklage being in early talks to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe to play a key mystery character in Avengers: Infinity War emerged, fans started exploring possibilities of a character that the Emmy Award-winning actor could play.

Among various possibilities, a major fan theory has claimed that Dinklage could play Modok. According to the Marvel Universe Wiki, the character is an average technician – George Tarleton – whose life changed forever after his boss AIM Scientist Supreme selected him for an experiment.

As per his character description, codenamed MODOC for mobile organism designed only for computing, "Tarleton was subjected to hideous experiments, mutating his body into a massive-headed being possessing superhuman intelligence and extraordinary psionic powers, and the process drove him mad." Tarleton later changed C with K for "killing".

Comic Book has released a fan art to help fans get a glimpse of the character, who "aims to plumb the mysteries of the Cosmic Cube". In the world of Marvel, Modok has multiple encounters with captain America, the Hulk and Iron Man. The Infinity War producers are tight-lipped about Dinklage's role and are considering Modok's fascination with the Cosmic Cube, it remains to be seen how this character will fit in the script of the Avengers.

The third film in the Marvel superhero ensemble is rumoured to revolve around "Infinity Stones". According to popular theories, Mad Titan Thanos will be plotting a strategy to acquire the stones and attain supreme power.

If he successfully collects and combines all six gems – Time Gem, Space Gem, Soul Gem, Reality Gem, Power Gem and Mind Gem – he will acquire unimaginable powers. The Avengers need to stop him before he succeeds.

Further, according to Marvel Wiki, Thanos and Modok share a single connection where they both try to acquire the Cosmic Cube and ultimately the super powerful Titanian Eternal gets it. However, he eventually discards the cube as it is longer needed by him to wield his powers.

Filming for the movie will begin next month. The film is currently scheduled to premiere in the UK on 27 April 2018 and in the US on 4 May.