Awkward Season 4 episode 14 premieres today MTV

MTV's teen drama Awkward returns with its 15th episode today, Tuesday, 14th October at 10:00 pm EDT.

The 15th episode is titled, Bonfire Of The Vanities in which a top secret document is discovered by Jenna and Tamara.

The official synopsis reads: "Things get crazy at the senior bonfire; Jenna and Tamara announce the boys' girl-rating tradition."

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In the previous episode we saw Jenna not getting into the college of her choice. She ended up hooking up with Owen again.

Lissa and Tyler's growing romance continues to make Lissa question her faith and feel immense guilt at the same time. Also, Lissa's dad finally came out of the closet, and declared himself gay.

In the next new episode of MTV's Awkward, Jenna and Tamara found a secret "hot or not" book compiled by some of the guys. Also, Matty rated Jenna very poorly, and she thinks that Matty may have smashed her reputation in the past.

Matty Jenna to fight again?

In the new promo clip, Jenna expresses how upset she is at Matty for not destroying the phonebook, going so far as to unfriend him!