MTV's teen drama Awkward returns with its 14th episode today, Tuesday 7<sup>th October at 10:00 pm EDT.

The 14th episode is titled, Welcome To Hell, and the official synopsis reads:

Lissa attempts to convince her father to do the right thing and tell her mom the truth. Meanwhile, Jenna and Tamara learn whether they have been accepted into the same college.

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The New Year party revealed that Lissa's father was gay, when she caught him trying to get cosy with the male stripper at the party.

In the party, Jenna kissed Owen, because she thought that Matty was off kissing someone else. But it turns out Matty was with his mother, and he actually wanted to be with her to start the year off right.

Jenna broke her no "hook-up pact" with Owen, who she later found out, was a sophomore at their school. But she lies about the kiss to Matty, which means things will get messed up when Matty finds out the truth.

Trouble Ahead for Jenna and Matty?

Previously, Beau Mirchoff teased that there is still hope for his character Matty McKibben, and his ex-girlfriend Jenna Hamilton, portrayed by Ashley Rickards.

He told Hollywood Life, "[Matty and Jenna] obviously have an undeniable physical attraction for each other. It's like the earth and the moon. They just can't get off each other's orbit."

Rickards agreed with Mirchoff and said, "Matty and Jenna will always be attracted to each other. Matty and Jenna will always have feelings for each other."